Bamboo company has been established in 1990 by Efstathios Sfantos with its central offices, artisanship and exhibition center in Argiropoulou str., Kifissia-Athens
Soon this new product aroused the enthusiasm of Greek customers and the sales passed from retail to wholesale.
Many well-known professionals trusted and are trusting the constructions of our small industry for the equipment of their spaces, among them are: Κyllini Beach Resort, Rhodes Palace, Pentelikon, Ithaki restaurant, e.t.c.

1996. In the shopping center of Kifissia a new important collaboration starts off with the eponymous textile company Goulandris inaugurating a showroom of high standars.
1998. All the installations of the company are moved to Pikermi (Showroon and industry), a place with high development and population increase.
2014. Today our industry exceeds 800 c.s., is equipped with the latest production machines and capitalizes upon our extensive experience. New methods and expertise from Europe and Asia guarantee the high standards of production in conjunction with high finish and strong construction.
Our enterprise has the philosophy of constant renewal of production systems aiming at quality control and customer support without any compromise in the quality that characterizes ‘Bamboo Sfantos’ furniture.
In an era that wooden and plastic fabrics have reached a saturation point, Sfantos Bamboo offers ecological, environmental friendly handmade furniture with novel design adjusted to your place with a construction guarantee.
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